Death to the RFP

This post was originally posted on PR Squared. It’s been updated to reflect the most recent version of our SMNR.


A few years ago provocateur Tom Foremski wrote a blog post titled “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die![1]” He talked about how the press release had become a largely meaningless tool, a toothless artifact of a disconnected past. He was right. That post, along with my own experiences in the communications trenches, inspired me to create the Social Media News Release[2], which we’ve updated to version no. 3 as a microsite[3].

Today I’m hoping this post inspires you. Today I’m swapping the words “press release” for the acronym “RFP[4]” in the hope that we may collectively change what I view as a deeply flawed process of engagement.

My hope is that together we can create a better, more streamlined way of sharing agency credentials with those who would like to hire us. And I’d like to hear your ideas about what works and what doesn’t.

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