RFPs: Everything You Need to Know About the RFP Process

After evaluations, decisions, and negotiations, the project is mostly out of your hands. You’ve entrusted a qualified candidate to try their hand at your vision and show you what they can do. Your role now is to receive and evaluate updates as delivered and urge your winning bidder to remain on schedule. 

RFP software

RFP Software:  Perhaps you’re writing these lengthy documents endlessly, wondering if there’s any way to speed things up and stop focusing on the mechanical parts of this process. A good tool to help you in this process is a forms automation solution. You can customize pre-built templates to cut the document creation step out of this process. A forms automation solution is also helpful in the contract negotiation sector, as it can help you draft contracts or other documentation for distribution. [19]

Proposal Software:   Proposal software[21] is geared toward the bidders that are responding to your RFPs, but it’s useful for you to be familiar with the category. A lot of proposal management tools can create automated responses to RFPs by reading through your document and putting together the required pieces, usually pulling from that company’s portfolio.[20]

Using proposal software doesn’t necessarily mean a company hasn’t put effort into their submissions. While the tool formats the proposal, employees will often go in and check over the work to ensure everything looks good.

Additionally, investing in proposal software is evidence of an organization’s commitment to delivering quality submissions.

Expert RFP tips

Putting together your first RFP can seem like a daunting challenge, but everyone must start somewhere. Even the most experienced RFP professionals once was tasked with the same challenge as you.

Luckily, we can utilize these experts to help advise beginners on how to tackle their first RFP. Here are a few RFP experts on their tips for first timers:

1. Don’t forget to build relationships

“At the end of the day my one piece of advice is work to try and form a relationship as opposed to spending hours on strategy for the RFP.

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